with extraterrestrial

Brief History:

I haven´t been recording voices for some time, and that made me think about when I would get back, maybe I would not obtain the results promptly. To my surprise, even though I was absent for four months, just the fact of deciding to assist our friend and coworker Claudia Santa Izabel (Claudinha), there were registered precise answers, as if our Spiritual Friends could understand the reasons for my absence. More than 60 answers were registered, with great part of them of very good quality. Claudia lives in Salvador (Bahia) and she always reports about being contacted by extraterrestrials. That has been happening, with such frequency, that I was already getting worry, asking to myself if she was mentally well. And if so, wouldn´t be risky for her to keep going on with those “encounters”? Very much organized and careful, she uses to draw the creatures she sees and describes the sensations (sometimes not very pleasant) that she experienced. I thought it was time to get back and connect with the Other Side and question them if Claudia was not in danger.

And it was what we did by the end of July, via cellphone. I also wanted to test better that way of recording. We agreed that I would call her cellphone, from my cellphone, while I was registering our talk.

But, before calling her, I made a call to other friend (Carlos) just to make a test. He took the advantage to ask for support about a decision about his work and received objective and meaningful answers.

Bellow you can find the results of the recordings, as well as, the inclusion of 30 audio-files selected for the Readers to listen.

We started with the test with Carlos and the replies from the Transmission Station Coordinator, Dr. Konstantin Raudive (who we call Mr. German) and from Mr. Armando, Carlos´ deceased father.



Sônia: -“Ready!”
Mr. German: -“Everything is wrong – it is true!”
Comment:   possibly this is a reference about our country condition. We see a political and economic chaos and we always say that “everything is wrong”. He used the same expression we use.


Sônia: -“Hi Mr. German, good morning!”
Mr. German: -“Everything is fine!”
Audio in Portuguese:
Sônia: -“Oi Sr. Alemão, bom dia!”
Alemão: -“Tá tudo bem!”


Mr. German: -“You saw me!”
Comment: in fact, few days ago I was finishing my new book “Alpha Mission I” and I saw pictures from Dr. Konstantin Raudive ( who is “Mr. German”).
Audio in Portuguese:
Alemão: -“Você me viu!”


Sônia: -“ Carlos, will talk to you...”
Mr. German: -“Ask about the tranquilizers!”
a bit ironic, because Carlos really takes some sleeping pills. It is a way to show they are following everything. They see and know everything about us, including such personal details.

Audio in Portuguese:
Sônia: -“O Carlos, vai falar com o Senhor...”
Alemão: -“Perguntar dos calmantes!”


Mr. German:  -”Leave it!!!”
Carlos: -“Mr. Akabane... wants to have a meeting on Wednesday with me...”
Mr. German:  - “Understand !  I see today... it won´t  work!“
Comment: Carlos’ doubt is if he should  go on with a bit risky commercial activity. The word “leave!” is the answer he imagined. In the following contacts, this answer was reinforced.  In other words, leave it, because it is not good.


Mr. German:  -“Rent! It is not worthy!”
Carlos:  -“What do you think about it?”
Comment: Quite curious, because,  in fact, he rents machineries – how could they know? In such case, in fact, there was a risk.


Mr. German:  -“I will not deny (he is an) opponent – just leave the “dinero”!”
Sonia´s Comment: that answer was vital. The Communicant delates literally the person who Carlos´s would make business with, as an “opponent” – in other words, he is not a friend, he is someone who is in opposition, and, therefore, it is not convenient.  
And other two  VERY important details:  
1. It shows the communicant knew exactly the subject of Carlos´ doubt, because even though, he had not mentioned, in fact, that new business would bring a great amount of profit. But the Communicant says to put the money aside. 2. We should remember when Dr. Konstantin Raudive was alive, he used to speak several languages, among them, Spanish. And many times, he has been using words in that language, maybe it is a way to get identified. Note: “dinero” means “money” in Spanish.

Audio in Portuguese:
Alemão: -“Você me viu!”


Carlos: - “Already for some time, as you know, I don´t do business with him any more...”
Carlos’ father: -“I can hear you, it´s true!”
Comment: even without Carlos had mentioned, in fact many times he talked mentally with his deceased father, but sometimes he wasn´t sure if he could be heard.


Carlos: -“I have a concern about that…”
Mr. German:  -“You should protest!”
Comment: he is clear when he orients Carlos that he should complain. Audio in Portuguese:
Carlos: -“Eu tenho uma preocupação com isso”.
Alemão: -“Deve protestar!”


Carlos:  “I do not miss your physical presence, but it is more spiritual, I am Always with you”.
Mr. German:  -“Your father heard!” 
Sonia’s Comment: 
Carlos is talking to his father and Mr. German confirms he was there listening.
Audio in Portuguese:
Carlos:  “Eu não tenho saudades física, é mais, espiritual, eu sempre tô com o senhor”.
Alemão:  -“O pai ouviu!”


Carlos´ father: -“I like my time – there on Earth!”
Audio in Portuguese:
Pai do Carlos: -“Gosto do meu tempo - daí do mundo !”


Carlos: -“I confess I miss you!”
Carlos´s father: -“You are a good son!”
Sonia’s comment:  Carlos loved his father´s answer…praising him. In fact, he was a good son.
Audio in Portuguese:
Carlos: -“Confesso que eu tenho saudades!”
Pai do Carlos: -“Bom filho!”


Carlos’ father: -“Love  connects us – I am close!”
Sônia: -“Hold on, keep connected because I am going to talk a bit with the extraterrestrials”.
Sonia’s comment: here the father confirms he shares Carlos´ love and is always around.


Carlos: - “A kiss and a hug to you, Dad!”
Carlos’ father: -“With much pity to condemn – it is a miracle!”

Connection test
with extraterrestrial


Although we have already registered many communications in voice and as well as Transimages of brothers out of the Space, it is possible that some of our readers are still surprised with the subject. So, before talking about the recording, I would like to remember that (the respected medium, Chico Xavier saw many times those friends, duly noted, mainly by his friend and author, Geraldinho Lemos. Chico never omitted he received Extraterrestrial visits and that the governance of our Earth is in being hold by superior Beings, in its majority, not human beings. More precisely, our planet´s government is a responsibility of extraterrestrial beings.

The spiritists use to ignore that even Allan Kardec approached the existence of other inhabited orbs. Nothing could be more natural than them, owning sophisticated technology, they would try to get adapted to our primitive equipment. And it is that the Transcommunication does. Or it is what we have been doing. In the last years, I have tested with success several technological resources that initially aimed to contact the deceased ones. But later I discovered that in the core of all Transcommunication contacts there are beings with a huge amount of scientific knowledge, capable to manipulate the Light and Time. We approached those themes in several of our e-books, where I show in videos several phenomena happening alive. (to know more:


Before calling Claudia, I still made a recording to speak to Mr. Narisha. This name was given by an extraterrial being some 15 years ago. I did it because I suppose it always helps in the synchrony, and also a way to check if they (ETs and deceased ones) were ready. So, here there is what I registered:


Narisha: -“(For a)  long time – I have being talking about changes!” 
Sônia: -“Hi Mr. Narisha...” 
Sonia’s comment: This transcontact, and also the one of number 60, brings us back to the several alerts the communicants have given to us about changes that will be happening in our planet. Maybe that is related to what Chico Xavier said about 2019 (as our “Time Limit”).
Audio in Portuguese:
Narisha: -“(Há) muito tempo - falo de mudança!”
Sônia:  -“Oi Sr. Narisha...”


Narisha: -“Yet – son will born!”
Sônia: -“Today Claudia from Bahia...wants to know about  the extraterrestrial beings she sees and I would like to know from you, if they are from your group...”
Sonia’s comment: About twenty days ago Claudia wrote to me telling that she had one more meeting with extraterrestrials and after this “encounter” … she bled (kind of menstruation). She told me about her clear impression that it was due to “eggs collection” they had done in her. In this transcontact that seems to be confirmed. Claudia´s Comment: in that day, I couldn´t notice when I was taken, but, when I woke up I felt that my body hurt and cramps. I spent the day with headache and tired. I intuit they had collected some eggs, due to the bleeding and cramps. 


Sônia: -“I would like to know  from you if  they are from your group...”
Narisha: -“Our friends!  You can trust!”
Sônia comment: In that case and in other transcontacts below, they confirm that Claudia´s visitors belong to their same group and therefore, trustful.
Claudia´s comment:   I feel safer to know Mr. Narisha team knows them.


Sônia: -”We hav to phone at 3:00pm - and I would like to count on you!”
Narisha: -“We see everything!”
Sonia’s Comment: very important. It confirms they observe us (all of us on Earth). Probably they do this via high technology. He wanted to say he already knew and I didn´t need to inform him.  
Claudia’s comment:  I feel that I am monitored in each single step I take. I feel they know everything about me.
Audio in Portuguese:
Sônia: -”Devemos telefonar às três da tarde... e eu gostaria de contar com o senhor”.
Narisha: -“Pode tudo ver!”


Sônia: -”Hi Claudia… I call you back…”
Claudia: “Ah! Ok!”
Paranormal voice: -“I saw you!” 
Audio in Portuguese:
Sônia: -”Claudia eu já te ligo”.
Claudia: “Ah! Tá bom!”




Claudia Santa Isabel

At the time set, I called Claudinha´s cellphone. Since that moment I started to record and here are the paranormal transcontacts registered:

Claudia: -“Sr. Narisha, eu tenho recebido aqui muitos seres, eles conversam comigo, me mostram coisas, eu devo compartilhar com as pessoas sobre esses encontros?”
Narisha: -“A mensagem vou te dar no domingo!”


Mr. German:  -“Fernando is here – I mixed – I speak here!”
Sônia: -“Hi Mr. German, good afternoon…”.
Comment:  Fernando was my deceased husband.


Mr. German:  -“I am  here – I  say!”
Sônia: -“Mr. German, Claudinha and I would like to talk to you...”


Mr. German:  -“I have to say I am interested! This is a consult! I have to listen!”
Sônia: -“I´d like to make some questions about her…”


Mr. German:  -“I have to tell you – he is here – she is pregnant...!”
Sônia: -“I would like to know if there is any risk for Claudinha to make those contacts that she has been receiving; I mena, any  kind of risk  for her health or for being abducted...”
Audio in Portuguese:
Alemão: -“Tem que te dizer - ele está aqui - tá gravi...!”
Sônia: -“Eu gostaria de saber se há risco pra Claudinha de fazer estes contatos que ela vem recebendo lá, algum tipo de risco, quer seja pra saúde, quer seja de abdução...”


Sônia:  -“The visitors she receives belong to the same team of you?? ”
Mr. German:  -“From here they goes with pleasure!”
Sonia’s comment: again he reaffirms that they belong to the same group and they really visit her.
Claudinha´s comment
:  when they visit me they are insightful, considerate and affectionate.


Mr. German:  - "It is Alpha."

Sônia: -“ Could you give me the name of an airship or of the station that you are talking from?"


Sônia: “Is Alpha a spiritual city or an aircraft (airship)?”
Mr. German:  -“It is for testing Times!” 
Sonia comment:  Notice that he accentuates the plural form when say TIMES. They have already revealed that these contacts are an experience in "Time" for them. These communicants say they are from the future, so, we are in their past.
Audio in Portuguese:
Sônia: “Alpha é uma cidade ou é uma nave?”
Alemão: -“(é) Testar os Tempos!”


Mr. German:  - "For what we have/ we can offer!"
Sônia: - "And now she would like to talk to you and ask for help ..."


Sônia: -“(I would like) To ask for personal help as she has been facing several problems in her family ... at her work ..."
Mr. German:  - “Alpha knows indeed!"
Sonia comments: Again, they affirm that they see everything in our Side. In Alpha  exists rooms with equipment that we do not even dream of, in order to monitor the Earth planet. As they inform they accompany everything, but focus with special care and attention the headquarters of governments.
Claudia comments: My feeling that I am monitored every step I take and here it is confirmed.


Sônia: -“- "Do you see Claudinha right now?"
Mr. German:  -“I decided to test – she sees me!”


Claudia: -“Hi Mr. German I always get emotional when I talk to you!
Mr. German:  -“Good!!!”
Audio in Portuguese:
Claudia: -“Oi  Alemão! Sempre me emociono quando falo com vocês!”
Alemão: -“Que bom!”
Claudia: “Sr. Alemão...”


Claudia: -“Could you send a message to my mother? Just say that everything is all right here…”
Mr. German:  -“OK posted. She is getting fatter!"
Sonia comments: This expression "posted" would be like saying "OK the message was given."
Claudia comments: about the expression "still getting fatter" I understand that he means she is recovering well.


Mr. German:  -“I will try! They had Lost! I Want you to be calm! Will be cured! It scares!"
Claudia: - "Mr. German, I'm concerned about the possible of  return home, of  my brother ...”
Sonia comments: This answer could not be more accurate. It demonstrates how they know about us. When he says, "they lost", he refers to the brothers of Claudia who lost the action that she moved in Court. Mr. German wants her to keep calm, and confirms that everything will be solved.
Claudia comments: This brother has proved to be full of hate ... I pray a lot for his peace in my prayers.
Audio in Portuguese:
Sr. Alemão:  -“Este vou tentar! Perderam!  quer este calma!  vai ter cura! ele assusta!”
Claudia: -“Sr. Alemão ...ahn… eu tô preocupada com a possível volta pra casa... daquele irmão...” 


Mr. German:  "He stays! he came here! "
Claudia: - "Mr. German, there is another brother of ours who is supposed to leave, his name is Murilo (...)” Sonia comments: It is understood that our spirit friends have already taken Claudia´s brother to Alpha in a sense that they might discourages him from his thoughts, but indicates that it did not really work. This brother is disturbing Claudia´s father. Her 2 brothers abuse of the poor man and should live somewhere else and not in the fathers house. She requested in Justice for getting free but they insist in staying in the house.


Claudia: -“Should we continue with the processes in Justice against my brothers?"
Alemão: - "Yes, that's right! She is everything for the father! "
Claudia comments: My sister, Tânia, is tireless when it comes to my father's well-being. I still have processes in the justice that should continue.


Mr. German:  -“She came indeed!"
Sonia: - "Is her mother  with you now?”


Mr. German:  -“It is still serious in time!"
Claudia comments: Unfortunately, I feel that my mother is very restless with the processes in Justice and with the hate of my brother (...).


Mr. German:  -“Today I will try!"
Claudia: - "Look, I'm also unemployed, my father needs a lot of things  ..."
Comments of Claudia: It relieves me to know that they support me and try to help me, the industrial area in which I work as a designer.
Audio in Portuguese:
Sr. Alemão: -“Hoje vou tentar”
Claudia: -“Olha, eu também tô sem emprego, meu pai precisa de muita coisa...”


Claudia: -"I spotted the triangular aircraft.  Was it yours? And forgive me for the fright!"
Narisha: - "He's coming. Check up the radio! "
Claudinha comments: He confirms that I saw the big ship; I often told of his arrival, but was discredited where I commented about it.


Claudia: “Can you help me with this?"
Mr. German:  -“On the Internet – as in a jump – you will get it!"
Claudia comments: Very often, I turn to the internet to do research a job.
Audio in Portuguese:
Claudia: “Vocês podem me ajudar com isso?”
Alemão: -“Na internet - num salto - vai entrar!”


Claudia: -“Was (the aircraft)  from the Command?”
Narisha: - "It has  been for a long time!"
Claudia: "Sorry for being scared!"
Sonia comments: apparently Claudia  saw the Command´s  Ship.
Audio in Portuguese:
Claudia: -“Era do Comando?
Narisha: -“Faz tempo!”
Claudia:  -“Perdão pelo susto!”


Narisha: -“They say it's the whizz - but no one is watching!"
Sonia comments: this "whizz" suggests how people ridicule those about their sightings. As if it was craziness or  "a disturbance".


Claudia: -"Mr. Narisha, I have received many visitors here, they talk to me, show me things. Should I share with others about these encounters?”
Narisha: - “I will give you the message on Sunday!"
Audio in Portuguese:
Claudia: -“Sr. Narisha, eu tenho recebido aqui muitos seres, eles conversam comigo, me mostram coisas, eu devo compartilhar com as pessoas sobre esses encontros?”
Narisha: -“A mensagem vou te dar no domingo!”


Sonia: -“Go!"
Claudia: - "Hi Narisha ..."
Narisha: - "Hi!  be quiet!"
Claudia: - "Look… I saw the triangular craft ..."
Comment Claudia: He suggests to me that I should not share much about these visits.
Audio in Portuguese:
Sonia: -“Pode ir!”
Claudia: -“Oi Narisha...”
Narisha: -“Oi - se cala!”
Claudia:  -”Olha- eu vi a nave triangular...”


Claudia: -"I feel ... they open chakras, the body paralyzes ..."
Narisha: - "What a fault ..." Claudia: "Who run it?"


Narisha: -“Yes, there is nothing wrong in your mind. You always can see! " Sonia comments: It is very curious, as they reverse the words, but the meaning is perfect. He says she is not wrong on her judgment, that is, she is not crazy.


Narisha: -“You will telephone  - he will come back!"
Claudia: - "How would be the format of work you want me to do?"
Audio in Portuguese:
Narisha: -“Vai telefonar - vai voltar!”
Claudia: -“Como seria a forma de trabalho que vocês querem que eu execute?


Narisha: -“How many bodies are being created from you!"
Sonia comments: is that possible that Claudinha is donating eggs and has many hybrids sons and daughters out there?
Claudinha comments: In one of these visits, It was shown me a hybrid being ... could be my son?


Claudia: -“What is the purpose of these abductions I gp through?"
Narisha: - "The message (that you) want to hear!


Claudia: -“Do you plan to open some kind of contact with people in general on the planet?”
Narisha: - "I know that you care. When the time comes ... HE accompanies us. He knows ... the bill will come!"
Sonia comments: It seems to refer to someone above him, and when he speaks of "bill will come" may refer to problems with the planet. I understand that the neglect of the Man with the planet, deforestation, religious intolerance, lack of pollution reduce, etc. ... will have a price to be charged. In time the bill will come.


Narisha: -“I will speak on Friday - will bring message!"
Claudia: - "I have felt that there is some anxiety ...”
Sonia comments: before yesterday, it was Friday, the day I heard this recording.


Narisha: -“I will speak on Friday - will bring message!"

Drafts she is preparing to illustrate her book about the abductions.
Claudinha comments: I often write down the messages and impressions in each new experience. I am building a small book, must be the one that is referred to.


Claudia: -"My brothers, they exist … you showed me  some hostile races ..."
Narisha: “Everything is elementary – I  say – it is just to scare!"
Claudia Comments: The intention was to ask if I should worry about the hostile races, but it seems that they know and control everything.
Audio in Portuguese:
Claudia: -“Meus irmãos, existe, vocês me mostraram ... algumas raças hostis...”
Narisha: - “Tudo é elementar - vai dizer - é só para assustar!”


Claudia: -"Mr. Narisha, I felt a few days ago, mainly three chakras ...”
Narisha: - "Alpha"
Claudinha: "from crown, heart ..."
Claudia Comments: The scholars say that through the Crown chakra, mediums receive spiritual messages; in my case, apparently I receive messages directly from Alpha.
Audio in Portuguese:
Claudia: -”Sr. Narisha, eu senti a poucos dias, principalmente três chacras...”
Narisha: -“Alpha!”
Claudinha: “coronário, cardíaco...”


foto A sirian

Claudia: "I saw a sister from Sirius ..."
Narisha: - "It is true, it´s clear!"
Claudia comments: I often draw the characteristics of beings that I see; in this case, he confirms that she was a Syrian.


Narisha: - "Stop this ship!"
Audio in Portuguese:
Narisha: -“Parra esta nave!”


Claudia: -“Well Mr. Narisha, I'll end here my questions ..."
Narisha: - "Go stopping them!"
Audio in Portuguese:
Claudia: -“Bom Sr. Narisha, eu vou encerrar aqui as perguntas...”
Narisha: -“Vai parando!”


Narisha: -"I told – we take care of those who saw us!"
Sonia: - "So I ask again, these beings that Claudia has seen, with whom she has been communicating, are from the same team and station from where normally you transmits to us? Of Mr. German and all the friends? "
Sonia comments: They affirm that have special links with people who see or meet.
Claudia comments:  People they abduct are certainly monitored.
Audio in Portuguese:
Narisha: -“Eu dizia - cuida dos que viram nós!”
Sônia: -“Eu volto a perguntar, estes seres que a Claudinha tem visto, com quem ela tem se comunicado, são da mesma equipe dos senhores da estação que normalmente transmite pra nós? Do Alemão e todos os amigos?”


Sônia:  -“She needs help and we have not seen this help from you, especially about the issue of employment as well as the question of her father. Is there anything that can be done? "
Narisha: - "I will send from here, the responsible from Earth!"
Sonia comments: So they are responsible about us!


Claudia: -”I would like to know if they can identified themselves? Can say where they are from? "
Narisha: - "You're right!"
Claudinha comments: Usually, when we are in contact they do not tend to identify themselves, and this job is mine figuring out or researching in order to know about where they are from.
Audio in Portuguese:
Claudia: -”Não teria como se identificarem? Dizerem de onde são”?
Narisha: -“Você está certa!”


Narisha: -“I still  speak - the planet is about to change!"
Sonia comments: Serious statement. They have been talking about this for about 3 years already.


Narisha: -"Friends, I will affirm – she will be back, and she knows it!"
Sonia: - "Does her mother would like to leave a word?"


Sonia: -“Is her mother listening to this conversation?
Narisha: -“Speak nothing, but listen!”
Sonia comments: Her mother was close, staring, but she did not talk.
Audio in Portuguese:
Sônia: -“A mãe dela está ouvindo essa conversa?”
Narisha: -“Fala nada - mas escuta!”


Claudia: -"I would like then to thank you, Mr. German, Mr. Narisha ... and those who came here to see me ... thanks"
Narisha: - "(you) Saw for real."
Sonia comments: It confirms that Claudia sees them indeed.
Claudinha comments: It has been hard for me to make people believe in what I see and feel. So I deeply thank these friends, confirming through these audios my sightings and many other experiences as real.


There are several possible analyzes in the context of paranormal voices. Here we show what is called "Perceptual Test" which assays the quality of the recording.

Thanks to the cooperation of our friend and collaborator Ivan de Souza, we got a sense of the overall clarity of the answers. Ivan received 63 audio files and sent them to 21 volunteers. The function of these volunteers is to listen and classify the voices by voting in quality A (very good), B (reasonably clear) or C (poor quality). In addition to this task, he produced the graphs that follow here, with appropriate comments:



* The reader may notice that the horizontal field have 63 (sixty-three) audios.
* On the vertical axis we have the quality. The 63 (sixty-three) audios were carefully analyzed by 21 (twenty-one) volunteers analysts, in this case.
* The results show the level of clarity and understanding of each audio in percentage.
* We note that 59 audios were evaluated on an average as VERY GOOD AND GOOD, while 04 were evaluated as BAD.
* It was a highly positive result, reminding us that the Audio Analysts Volunteers do not know each other; they are in various parts of the country and did not know the results obtained by their peers. Below we see other quality ratings:



Boletim elaborado por
Sonia Rinaldi