Marlene: -“You are all very slow!"

Sonia: - "And Marlene ...“

Comment: it was quite Marlene’s style, when alive, to command. She was always a leader, and she remains just the same.

Marlene: -“Isto falar:  tá devagar!”

Sonia: -“Oi Marlene...”


Sonia: - "Do you like Marcelo?"

Marlene:  -"I promised to bring lots of work. Count with great commitment  from here!"

Sonia:  -“Você gosta do Marcelo?”

Marlene: -“Prometi ter trabalhos. Grande empenho daqui!”


Marlene: - "Our Friends supply everything!"

Comment: It is suggested that the Speakers from the other Side will supply us with everything need.

Marlene: -“Os nossos amigos dá tudo!”


Marlene: - "With many people interested, it will be a mark!”

Another voice: -“Invite Acary!"

Comment: from all the recordings, this audio was the most surprising. First for informing us that this pioneering work will be a milestone, and there will be many people interested. But another voice (different from Marlene´s) asks us to invite Acary (and using the correct pronunciation: Acarí). Who is he? in quick search on internet we discovered him to be a extremely respected neuro-surgeon and surprisingly: he is spiritualist. He is the responsible for a couple of Associations of patients suffering from many very difficult diseases, such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, multiple sclerosis, etc. For us it will be an honor to present our current hypothesis to him.

Marlene: -“Com pessoas atrás disso, é marco!

Outra voz: -“Convida o Acary!”


Marlene: - "Nabucco is in a coma!"

Comment: This was another remarkable answer: I have no idea who Nabucco is. We will have to seek to find.

Marlene: -“Nabuco está em coma!”


Marlene: - "We have to create synchrony!"

Comment: she means that both Sides (ours and theirs) have to fine tune.

Marlene: -“Nós temos que se identificar!”


Marlene: - “That is our goal, understand!"

Marcelo: - "A kiss with ..."

Marlene: - "Very ..."

Marcelo: - "Very affection for you ..."

Marlene: -“Ser nossos objetivos, entende!”

Marcelo: -“Um beijo com...”

Marlene: -“Muito...”

Marcelo: -“Muito afeto pela senhora...”


Marlene: - “That is our goal, understand?"

Marcelo: - "A kiss with ..."

Marlene: - "Very ..."

Marcelo: - "Very affection for you ..."

Marlene: - “Actualy, from all of us!"

Comment: Surely she spoke on behalf of all the friends of Transmitting Station.

Marcelo: -“Um beijo com...”

Marlene: -“Muito...”

Marcelo: -“muito afeto pela senhora...”

Marlene: -“De verdade:  de todos nós!”


Fernando:  -"Friend! Support our request! "

Comment: We discovered who Dr. Acary is. Here Fernando reinforces the request.

Fernando:   -”Amigo! força ao pedido!”


Sonia: - "Are you ready?"

Malu: - “Ask a question!"

Comment: this answer sounds like a challenge as to say:  test if I am ready

Sonia: –”Vocë está preparadinha?”

Malu: -“Pergunta!”


Malu singing: - "I came to her!"

Sonia: -"Can you sing something? Mom loved it! “

Comment: The autist girl showed to be able not only to reply but to sing too

Malu cantando: -“Vim pra ela!”

Sonia: –”Você pode cantar alguma coisa?  A mamãe adorou!”


Sonia: - “(could you say)... a word to us  about Malu?"

Mr. German: - “(she) Wants the turtle!"

Comment:  this seemed senseless, though soon Malu´s aunt sent an email explaining:

Sonia: - “...alguma palavra que poderia nos dizer sobre a Malu?”

Sr. Alemão: -“Quer tartaruga!”


Sonia: - “(Fernando, look…) this is a very important task ... for Malu´s mom, for her, for us ..."

Fernando: - “I give a tip:  Lasagna makes the girl happy!”

Sonia: - “Esse é um trabalho bastante importante, pra mãe, pra ela, pra nós...”

Fernando: -“Dá dica:  lasanha alegra a menina!” 


Sonia: - “Can you can talk to aunt Sonia?”

Malu: - "I came there!"

Comment: this answer is so important that we will dedicate some pages to explain it.

Sonia: - “Você pode falar com a tia Sonia?

Malu:  -“Eu venho aí!”


Malu: - "I say: mom and you are arriving!"

Sonia: -“Are you aside those people…so beautiful?"

Malu: -“Eu falo está chegando mãe e você!”

Sonia: - “Você está do lado destas pessoas tão bonitas?”


Malu: - "I am standing! I am incarnate!"

Comment: very important confirmation that she is alive.

Malu: -“Tô em pé, tô encarnada!”


Malu: - "I will make contact with you!"

Malu: -“Vou te fazer contato!”


Sonia: - "(Do you know) Who wants to

know about you?"

Malu: - “She is calling!“

Comment:  she guessed correctly since I was speaking about Rosa.

Sonia: - “(...) Quem quer saber muito de você?”

Malu: -“Tá ligando!”


Malu: - “Lets summarize:  I can listen!“

Sonia: - "Mom, Dad Ricardo, Ana ..."

Malu: -“Vamos resumir - eu consigo ouvir!”

Sonia: - “A mamãe, o papai Ricardo, a Ana...”


Sonia: - "Mom, Dad Ricardo and Ana ..."

Malu: - “I listen well … the mad one!“

Comment: this seems a sad observation. As she cannot speak it is possible that people make fun of her and call her “mad”.

Sonia: - “A mamãe, o papai Ricardo, a Ana...”

Malu: -“Te ouve bem - a doida!”


Sonia: - "Now, I want to know one thing:  Can you sing for you Mommy?"

Malu: - "Today you know, I can!"

Comment: she mentions that been out of the body, yes, she can sing.

Sonia: - “Agora, quero saber uma coisa! Será que você consegue cantar para a mamãe?”

Malu: -“Hoje sabes, consigo!”


Sonia: -"Have you ever thought how it will be if you sing something?"

Malu sings: - “To sing opens me, here, listen to me!“

Comment: it seems amazing that she sings indeed.

Sonia: -”Você já pensou como ela vai ficar se você cantar uma coisinha?”

Malu: -“Cantar me abre - aqui - me ouviu!”


Malu: - "I'm with grandpa just to hear you!"

Malu: -“Tô com o vô só pra ouvi-la!”


Malu: -"It was a train!"

Sonia: -"Malu, what would you like

to talk to Mom?"

Comment: in a first moment her reply seemed not no make any sense. Though her mother reported: “In fact we lived near a gate of a train, it whistle when it passes and Malu always paid attention to it.  So about 20 days ago I took her to see the train for the first time in her life. And when the train passed whistling  she run straight to it and I had to hold her firmly. So she is referring to this”.

Malu: -“Foram num trem!”

Sonia: - “Malu, o que você gostaria de falar pra mamãe?”


Malu: - “She is very friend, I understand today!"

Sonia: - “Is your Grandma Etelvina with you?"

Malu: -“É muito amiga, entendi hoje!”

Sonia: - “A vovó Etelvina está com você?”


Malu: - "Today I know!"

Sonia: -”And now? Will you sing again?”

Malu: -“Hoje sabe!”

Sonia: - E agora? Será que você canta de novo?


Sonia: - “(…) mom would be very happy ..."

Malu: - "I'm here!"

Sonia: - “A mamãe ia ficar muito feliz...”

Malu: -“Tô aqui!”


Sonia: -"Malu, say to Mom how much you love her...."

Malu: - “I sing only if she says too!"

Sonia: - “Malu, fala pra mamãe o quanto você ama ela....”

Malu: -“Canto só se ela falar...!”


Sonia: - “Is Malu ready?"

Mr. German: - “Better to prove it!"

Sonia: - "Thank you Mr. German!"

Comment: I call the attention to on strong characteristics of ITC phenomenon:  the capacity the Speakers have of Synthesis but including solid information.

That is the case above:  with such response not only my question is answered (that is “is Malu ready?”), but they show their position: more important than to confirm, is to prove (that she was there in fact).

Sonia: -“A Malu está pronta?”

Sr. Alemão:  -“É melhor provar!”

Sonia: - “Obrigada Sr. Alemão.”


Sonia: - “Hi Malu…."

Malu: - "I come in a dream!  (I am) Laid down!"

Comment: Remarkable confirmation that she is conscious that she is resting in bed but is out of body as a dream.

Sonia: - “Oi Malu?”

Malu: -“Venho no sonho! deitava!”


Sonia: - "Mom loved to listen to you talking!"

Malu: - "We can do everything!"

Comment: Sometimes the voice changes slightly giving the impression that more than one child was present. In this case, the voice sounds a bit like a boy - and it would make sense to say that "they" can do anything. Perhaps another autistic boy pointing out that when out of the body they are capable just as any “normal” kid.

Sonia: - “A mamãe adorou ouvir você falando!”

Malu: -“Nós faz tudo!”


Malu: - "In dream ... and I get there!"

Sonia: - "And one thing that all of us enjoyed was to hear you singing, you know?"

Comment: again she confirms that came/in dream (or more precisely in an out of the body trip).

Malu: -“No sonho... eu chego lá”

Sonia: -“E uma coisa que todo mundo gostou foi de ouvir você cantar, viu?”


Sonia: - "And one thing that all of us enjoyed was to hear you singing, you know?"

Malu: - “My friend, I practiced!"

Comment: it seems that to “speak or record” it is required a certain practice.

Sonia: -“E uma coisa que todo mundo gostou foi de ouvir você cantar, viu?”

Malu: -“Amiga eu treini!”


Malu: - "It was love, Mom!  Listen! I am alive in your home"

Mother´s Comment: I loved this phrase. She called me Mom!!! In 11 years I never had heard it.  She insists in letting it clear that in spite of her silence she is “alive”.

Malu: -“Foi amor, mãe ouve - eu tô viva no seu lar”


Sonia: - "Malu, Mom has concern related to your school. Do you want to change and go to another school?"

Malu:  -“I am quite fine there!"

Comment:  This answer confirmed that she does not want to change the school for another.

Sonia: - “Malu, a mamãe tá com uma preocupação em relação a escola... você gostaria de mudar de escola?”

Malu: -“(eu) Fica bem lá!”


Malu: - "I am unlucky! classes are to arrogant people – I do not want!"

Comment: here she justifies why she does not want to change to another school. Rosa confirmed that the school she had in mind is expensive and the current one is public.

Malu: -“Eu dou zebra - aulas povo metido - não quer!”


Sonia: - "Mom sends a message to you, she says: I am very grateful to you for helping me to evolve and I am also very proud of you!"

Malu: -“I am laughing here!"

Comment: This refers to the moment that she was “out of the body and recording with me”. Apparently she could see us both (on Earth – in our homes) in screens(?). 

Sonia: - “ A mamãe manda um recado pra você:  - Eu sou muito grata à você por me ajudar a evoluir  e me orgulho muito de você!”

Malu: -“Tô aqui rindo!”


Malu: -“I see you at home – till I walked through your bedroom!"

Comment: It is understood that from where she was speaking she could visualize her mother, who in fact was in her bedroom at that moment. What can explain this is the supposed  communication process. It seems that everything takes place in an advanced virtual technology, through which our reality is duplicated / copied to the their space.

Malu: -“Te vê em casa - ainda fui no seu quarto”


Malu: - “Stop with the "don´t  eat"!"

Comment: This is an important evidence of authenticity. Rosa is that type of mother too worried about health – so she has forbidden her daughters  to eat fat, lactose, gluten, salt etc. Conclusion: her food has no taste. So Malu here is complaining about the food she is obliged to eat. Rosa reported that she laughed a lot when she listened to this audio, understanding that Malu is sick and tired of eating tasteless food due to her mother's prohibitions asking her not to eat this and that.

Malu: -“Larga do “não coma”!”


Malu: - “Tell me that the woman will not leave my father!"

Sonia: - "What you do not like?"

Comment: I draw attention to the fact that she responded before my question. I was hesitant to ask Rosa if her ex-husband had a girl-friend and worst, if so, if Malu knew about it. I was surprised when Rosa confirmed that yes, her husband had a girlfriend who loved Malu and Malu loved her too.

But confirmed also that as far as she knew, the couple was not together anymore. It is notable that Malu is aware and expresses her wish of having both together again. That is what we call evidence of authenticity.

Malu: -“Fala pra mim que a mulher não deixa o pai”

Sonia: - “Do que eu você não gosta?”


Malu: - "There happened a meeting – I took the pie!"

Comment:  Rosa explained the meaning of this sentence. In fact some days before the recording there happened a party at Malu´s school, and she took a pie for the friends.

Malu: -“Lá encontro - já levou torta!”


Sonia: - “How can your mother help you Malu?"

Malu: - "Today I have friends"

Sonia: - “Como que a mamãe pode te ajudar Malu?”

Malu: -“Hoje amiga eu tenho”


Sonia: - "And in your school … do you have friends?"

Malu: - "I have many!"

Sonia: - “E na sua escolinha você tem amiguinhos?”

Malu: -“Eu tenho é muitas”


Malu: - “Lu is a friend - I want her to get better!"

Comment: Malu´s mother explained that “Lu” is the nickname of Luciana - her father´s girlfriend.

Malu: -“A Lu é amiga - eu quero fique melhor”


Sonia: - "And now?"

Malu: - “It started!"

Sonia: - "Let's sing again for mommy?"

Comment: she noted that a music had begun (as background sound).

Sonia: - “E agora?”

Malu: -“Começou!”

Sonia: - “Vamos cantar de novo pra mamãe?”


Sonia: - "Let's sing?“

Malu (singing): - "Here I speak:  listen to me so she stays!"

Comment: amazing she sings that phrase - seeming to wish to bring happiness to her mother.

Rosa reported that became very emotional with this audio.

Sonia: - “Vamos cantar?”

Malu (cantando): -“Aqui eu disse, me ouvir pra ela ficar”


Sonia: - "Say something Malu!"

Malu (singing): - "I am there ... I am happy!"

Comment: It is possible that Rosa always had doubts whether the Malu was happy or not – so this seems to be a reply. She means that she is happy at home.

Sonia: - “Fala alguma coisa Malu!”

Malu (cantando):  -“Eu tô  lá ... tô feliz!”


Sonia: - "Tell me if you like Pancho and Lola, the two dogs there in you’re your house!"

Malu: - “Disgusting! I feel sick!"

Comment: Rosa confirmed that Malu shows a certain affliction when see the dogs.

Sonia: - “Me conta se você gosta do Pancho e da Lola, seus cachorros ali da sua casa!”

Malu: -“Tenho nojo!”


Malu: - “Won´t you stop?"

Sonia: - "And there is Clarinha and Lady, right? You like them? “

Comment: these are the other 2 dogs and she seems not interested in talk about them.

Malu: -“Não parar?”

Sonia: - “E ainda tem a Clarinha e a Lady né? Você gosta delas?”


Malu: - “Magic question was – mommy is winning - life got her!"

Sonia: - "You go to a spiritist center, named Brother Francisco ... Is that correct?"

Malu: -“Pergunta mágica foi - a mãe tá vencendo - a vida te pegou!”

Sonia: -“Você vai num centro espírita, do irmão Francisco, não é isso?”


Sonia: - "And your sister Ana? She is beautiful, isn’t she? "

Malu: - “She has many beautiful boys!“

Sonia: - “E sua irmã Ana? Ela é muito linda, não é?”

Malu: -“Tem muito cara bonitos!”


Sonia: - "And to your Mom?” (any word to her?)

Malu: - "I see her crying!"

Mother´s Comment: I confirm that the last 2 days before the recording I was very sensitive and cried.

Sonia: - “E pra mamãe?’’

Malu: -“Tô vendo chorar!”


Malu: - “Feel today that fate controls your life!”

Comment: This sentence deserves a special highlight. No one ever imagined that an autistic child could have such profound thoughts.

Malu: -“Sente hoje, que  destino, te controla a vida’’


Sonia: - ''Now, I have some friends who also want to talk to you! Claudia wanted to know one thing ... ''

Malu: - "Contacts! Turn on!”

Comment: it sounds as if she was allowing me to ask the questions that some friends sent to me.

Sonia: - ‘’Agora, tem uns amigos meus que queriam também conversar com você! A Claudinha queria saber uma coisa...’’

Malu: -“Contatos ligar!’’


Mallu: - "I made a Test!''

Mother’s Comment:   it is true – she made a EEG in January, and the waves showed abnormal behavior.

Malu: -“Eu fiz um exame’’


Sonia: - '‘Is that possible for you to sing the answer?''

Malu sings: - "And I am quite happy… “

Sonia: - ‘’Será que você cantaria a resposta?’’

Malu canta:  -“E é bem feliz!’’


Sonia: - '' What is your favorite food? ''

Manu: - “You used to eat and stopped. Let me eat now! ''

Comment: This is complain again about the food she eats.

She means that her mother used to eat tasteful foods in the past, but now both are tied to a horrible diet, so that food has no taste at all.  Very funny and smart!

Sonia: - ‘’Qual é a sua comida preferida?’’

Malu: -“Você já comeu e parou.  Deixa eu comer!’’


Sonia: -''When you are asleep and dreaming do you talk to friends?''

Malu: - "I speak on dreams!''

Comment: it sounds a confirmation that she talks while sleeping. Out of the body she is not autist.

Sonia: - ‘’Quando você está dormindo e sonhando, você conversa com as pessoas?’’

Malu: -“Falo de sono!’’


Malu: - "He called me to play  and I felt good!”

Sonia: - ''You talk with your friends while you dream when you sleep?”

Comment: one more confirmation that free from the body, she plays and is happy.

Malu: -“Ele chamou pra brincar - eu senti bem’’

Sonia: - ‘’Você fala com amiguinhos enquanto você sonha, quando você dorme?’’


Malu: - “I got a gun-shot and had trauma!'‘

Comment:  is that possible that this was the way she died in her past life?

Malu: -“Sofri um tiro e trauma’’


Sonia: - ''Now aunt Marlene wanted to know if you can visit other places besides your home!''

Malu: - "Some (of them) I saw!”

Sonia: - ‘’Agora a tia Marlene queria saber se você pode visitar outros lugares fora de casa!’’

Malu: -“Alguns eu vi!’’


Sonia: - '‘Is it tiresome for you to talk to me?''

Malu: - "Of course! (I do) for love, understand?''

Sonia: - ‘’É cansativo pra você conversar comigo?’’

Malu: -“Claro! por amor, viu?’’


Sonia: - ''Now we are already almost finishing…I would like you to leave a message for your Mom…''

Malu singing: - "I saw, it was a risk but you came as an angel...'‘

Comment: she mentions about a moment in which she was in danger and her mother came as, an angel, to rescue her.

Sonia: - ‘’Agora a gente já tá quase encerrando queria que você deixasse uma mensagem pra mamãe!’’

Malu cantando:  -“Vi, e vem perigo - você chegou é um anjo...’’


Sonia: - ''Malu, I hope you to be happy!''

Malu: - "I am…''

Sonia: - ‘’Malu? Eu espero que você seja feliz!’’

Malu: -“Eu estou’’


Malu: - “Of the mission there!”

Sonia: -''Never forget that Mom is very proud of you!”

Comment: again she uses the adverb "there" referring to our Side.

Malu: -“Da missão lá!’’

Sonia: - ‘’Nunca se esqueça que a mamãe tem muito orgulho de você...’’


Sonia: -''Malu dear my compliments for your courage to face such a difficult passage

Malu: - “Bye! I´m happy”

Sonia: -“but that will only give you happiness in future lives. My dear …a kiss (to you)…''

Malu: - "A kiss! ''

Sonia: -''To all friends from the Other Side, accept my love and gratitude...''Sonia: - ‘’Malu querida...os nossos cumprimentos por você enfrentar uma passagem difícil...

Malu: -”Tchau... Feliz!”

mas que só vai te dar muitas alegrias nas outras encarnações futuras. Um beijo querida...’’

Malu: -“Um beijo!’’

Sonia: - ‘’À todos os amigos da Estação, aceitem nosso carinho e nossa gratidão...’’


Sonia: - “Dr. Landell...”

Dr. Landel: -“I will tell you...”

Sonia: - “Are you participating (of this test)?”

Dr. Landel:  -“Very much!”

Sonia: - “Dr. Landell?”

Dr. Landel: -“Te contar...”

Sonia: - “ceis estão participando?”

Dr. Landel: -“e muito...!”


Mr. German: - "Malu arrived!"

Sr. Alemão: -“Malu chegou!”


Dr. Landell: - "I will test..."

Sonia: - "Hello ..."

Dr. Landell: - “It is me!"

Dr. Landel: -“Vou testar ...”

Sonia: - “Alô...”

Dr. Landel: -“Eu!”


Dr. Landel: -“Vou testar ...”

Sonia: - “Alô...”

Dr. Landel: -“Eu!”

Dr. Landel: -“Um beijo pro teu lado!”

Sonia: - Dr. Landell ... É um prazer falar com o senhor...”


Malu: - "I see it is a TV!"

Comment: I suppose she was watching screens at the transmitting station and interpreted as TVs.

Malu: -“Vejo é TV!”


Malu: - "Come contact! Ana run!"

Comment: Rosa reported that at this very moment that I was recording,  her daughter Ana was running to catch a bus to go home. It is as if Malu could see her sister on Earth.

Malu: -“Vem contato, Ana correr!”


Malu: -”(We have) permission to be in conctact, I see!”

Malu: -”Permissão (para) ter contatos, tô vendo!”


Malu: - “I like my uncle!"

Malu: -”Vou com a cara do titio!”


Mallu: - "I saw the boy!"

Malu: -”Eu vi o garoto!”


Malu: - "I'm learning, right?  I speak from the bed - wake up!"

Comment: once again she mentions that she is alive sleeping during the recording.

Malu: -”Tô aprendendo, né -  fala da cama – acordar!”


Malu: - "I go to a garden to run!"

Malu: -”Vou num jardim pra correr!”


Malu: - “I am tired – I come to play! "

Malu: -“Tá cansada - vem brincar!”


Malu: - "I can not stand anymore, they will stop!"

Comment: for the second time she suggests that communicating is exhausting.

Malu: -”Eu não aguento, vão parar!”


Marlene: - "I will highlight this experience ..."

Sonia: - “Last night, did Malu dance?"

Comment: the night before I put a song for Malu to dance.

Marlene: -“Vou destacar a experiência...”

Sonia: -”Ontem ela dançou?”


Marlene: - “It is better to practice!"

Sonia: - "She is happy, isn´t she Marlene?"

Marlene: -”Melhor para treinarmos!”

Sonia: -”Ela está contente, não está Marlene?”


Marlene: - "All of us will be! All the 15!”

Sonia: -"Marlene, who will be present in the station tonight?"

Marlene: -”Todos vão estar! Todas 15!”

Sonia: -”Marlene, quem vai estar aí hoje a noite?”


Sonia: - "Look we have an important appointment, hey?"

Marlene: - “It is true! but let's just start!"

Sonia: - "Thanks Marlene ... a kiss ... bye ..."

Comment: Marlene suggests that this work will still go far.

Sonia: -”Olha nós temos um compromisso importante, hein?”

Marlene:  -”Verdade! vamos apenas começar!”

Sonia:  -”Obrigada Marlene...um beijo...tchau...”


Rosa: -”Oi Sr. Alemão... Tudo bem?”

Sr. Alemão: -”Preparado!”


Rosa: - “(…) In the case of autism that's too bad - because they have difficulty eliminating these toxins ..."

Mr. German: - “Act in time – change it! I warned!"

Rosa: -”No caso dos autistas isso é muito  ruim – porque eles tem dificuldade de eliminar essas toxinas...”

Sr. Alemão: -”Age em tempo de tomar  - alterrar – avisou!”


Mr. German: - “Go to the physician, I said!”

Rosa: - "(...) what I do is to give oral doses, and apply chlorine dioxide enema, and also give dewormer periodically ..."

Sr. Alemão:  -”Vá no médico, eu disse!”

Rosa: -”(...) o que eu faço é dar doses orais, e aplicar enema de dióxido de cloro, e também dar vermífugo periodicamente...!”


Sonia: - "Hi Mr. German, good morning..."

Voice: - "We help!"

Sonia: - "We are with Rosa, Malu´s mother on the line ..."

Sonia: -”Oi Sr. Alemão, bom dia...”

Voz: -”Nós ajudar!”

Sonia: -”Nós estamos com a Rosa, mãe da Malu na linha...”


Mr. German: - “It will start! ... trust!"

Sr. Alemão: -”Vai começar ... confiar !”


Sonia: - "Thank you for the opportunity ..."

Mr. German: - “I made clear that we are here!"

Sonia: -”Muito obrigada pela oportunidade...”

Sr. Alemão:  -”Deixou claro que está aqui, ó!”


Sonia: - "Rosa, your sound was cut! See if the cables if they are plugged correctly..."

Mr. German: - "We turned off!"

Sonia: -”Rosa, cortou o som... Veja se está plugado direito...”

Sr. Alemão:  -”Nós desligar!”


Sonia: - "Malu, are you still hearing me?"

Malu: - "I know I have to hurry up!”

Sonia: - "I made many questions, did you reply?"

Malu: - "Yes!"

Sonia: - “Is that possible that you are not well?

Did you wake up? "

Malu: - "Let me come to bed!"

Comment: Very important she confirms to be out of the body but wishing to return to her bed.

Sonia: -”Malu, você está me ouvindo?”

Malu: -”Sei que há pressa ...”

Sonia: -”Fiz bastante perguntas, será que você vai falar?”

Malu: -” Sim!”

Sonia: -”Será que você não está bem? Cê acordou?”

Malu: -”Deixa eu vir pra cama!”


Sonia: - "Dr. Landell ... did anything happen there with Malu?“

Landell: -“She understood and apolozige!  You will see, since they took her down well!"

Comment: he demonstrates to be aware of my concern and inform that the girl went down (to her body) carefully and is well.

Sonia: -”Dr. Landell...aconteceu alguma coisa lá com a Malu?”

Landell:  -”Já até entendeu e desculpa! Verão! Pois  tenham a descido bem!”


Landell: - "Always!"

Sonia: - “Are you taking care of the situation?"

Landell: -”Sempre!”

Sonia: -”Os senhores estão tomando conta da situação?”


Voice: - “That is Landell´s plan for you!"

Sonia: - "We had a schedule to record ... (but) you took Malu away?"

Landell: - "Yes!"

Sonia: - "Is she OK?"

Landell: - "(I will) help!"

Voz: -”É o plano para vocês do Landell!”

Sonia: -”Nós tínhamos um horário para gravar...Vocês levaram a Malu de volta?”

Landell: -”Sim!”

Sonia: -”Ela está bem?”

Landell: -”(vou) ajudar!”


Sonia: - "When I turn down the volume/sound is it better for you?"

Landell: - "It is very loud.  Use wireless telephone!  It is a radio!"

Sonia: - "Do you have any guidance Thalis?"

Landell: - “I want to go! I will advise!"

Comment:. Eng. Thalis is developing a device and is receiving Dr. Landell´s guidelines.

Sonia: -”Quando abaixo o volume é melhor pra vocês?”

Landell:  -”Está bem alto - sem fio usar telefona!  É radio!”

Sonia: -”O senhor tem alguma orientação por Thalis?”

Landell:  -”Quer que vai, avisará!”


Landell: - "Better listen to what I say! It is our problem!  I'll call!"

Comment: this message was addressed to Daniel, who is developing a software for the Project.

Landell:  -”Melhor ouvir o que eu digo! - é nosso problema!  - Vou ligar!”


Malu: - “She won´t!"

Sonia: - "Mom is anxious to talk to you..."

Comment: The girl was aware since the beginning of the recording that her mother would not talk to her. As the girl could know that?

Malu: -”Não deve!”

Sonia: -”A mamãe vai falar...”


Malu: - "Happy, right?"

Sonia: - "Mom will be so happy!"

Comment: my voice was very bad, hardly understand the question. Fortunately the voice of Malu was very clear.

Malu: -”Feliz, né?”

Sonia: -”A mamãe vai ficar muito feliz!”


Malu: - “I want you to sit down. I am (sat down) too!"

Malu: -”Quer você sentado - eu também tou!”


Malu sing: - "At night ... I play there!"

Sonia: - "You play with them?"

Comment: Remarkable sang response; I had put the anthem of Romania and Malu managed to change the words to answer my question which was:  "at night you play with your friends?"

Malu: -”De noite ... (eu) brinco láaaa!!!”

Sonia: -”Você brinca com eles?”


Malu: -"I must stop! I apologize! The agenda you see!"

Comment: it seems clear that Malu realized she had to interrupt – her body was already feeling the allergy.  

Malu: -”Devo sim, pára! -  devo desculpas,! agenda voce vê!”


Another voice: - "Let me! since I know how to record!"

Comment: this sounds like a boy´s voice. Perhaps another child wished to take Malu´s place.

Outra voz: -”Deixa -- já que eu sei gravar!”


Malu: - "For the blonde one... (they sent) down the medicine!"

Comment: we understand that medicine was brought to help somebody on Earth.

Malu: -”Pra loira ...desceu remédio!”


Malu: - “I can see!"

Another voice: - “I cam also hear!"

Malu: -”Tô vendo !”

Outra voz:  -”Também to ouvindo!”


Malu: - “You had dinner – you will connect the Internet - I am already seeing you!“

Comment: maybe this is a description of what she sees in the screens: she saw her mom after dinner going to bedroom to turn the tablet on.

Malu: -”Jantou! - ce vai na internet -  tô já te vendo!”


Malu: - "Contacts Go! – It is not voodoo! – inside a radio close the needles!"

Comment: she wants to reinforce that transcontacts are real – they are not magic nor woodoo.

Malu: -”Contato vão!  não é macumba! - dentro de um radio junto das agulhas!”


Malu: - “(they) give permission to have contact!"

Malu: -”Dão permissão  - ter contato!”


Malu: -"Ro is beautiful!"

Comment: Ro is the nickname of her aunt Rosana.

Malu: -”A Ro é  bonita!”


Malu: -"Time will say – you will have surprise - all will listen!"

Malu: -”Tempo dirá - ter surpresa - todos escutar!”


Malu: - “There are also friends!"

Sonia: -"What you see around you?"

Malu: -”Também tem amigos!”

Sonia: -”O que você está vendo perto de você?”


Sonia: - "You are in a room full of devices?"

Malu: -“In the radio entering – nothing will come”

Comment: it sounds clear that my voice was not coming to them – in fact it seems fundamental  for them to listen to our question to adjust Time. Really the majority of my questions were not registered and possibly they were not listening to me – that is why she complains. It was my mistake being far from the microphone.

Sonia: -”Você está numa sala cheia de aparelhos?”

Malu: -”No rádio entrando, não vai nada chegar!”


Sonia: -"The device you are using is what...is it a phone?"

Malu: -"Sure!"

Sonia: -"O aparelho que vocês está usando é um... telefone?"

Malu: -”Certeza!”


Malu: - “Blue sky ..."

Sonia: - “How have you travelled – in something like an aircraft?”

Comment: curious that she saw the sky during her trip.

Malu:  -”Céu azul...!”

Sonia: -”Você veio assim num avião?”


Malu: - "In a dream!”

Sonia: - “Can you see any computer… like your mom´s  but much bigger?"

Comment: she seems to be watching the location where she is and understands that is dreaming.

Malu:  -”Em um sonho !”

Sonia: -”Você está vendo algum computador assim que nem o que a  mamãe tem, só que muito grande?”


Sonia: - “Aunt Nilzinha is filming your bedroom now – do you know?"

Malu: - "Yes she is accompanying! But less I registered! "

Sonia: -”A tia Nilzinha está filmando o seu quarto agora , você sabe?”

Malu: -”Sim acompanha!  menos registrei!”


Sonia: - "Do you want to leave a message for your aunt Ro?"

Malu: - “That she may expect that I will go!"

Sonia: -”Você quer deixar algum recado pra sua tia Rô?”

Malu: -”Me esperar que eu vou!”


Malu: -“Stand and I win!”

Sonia: -"Are you tired?"

Malu: -“Yes, in fact!"

Malu: -”Aguente e consegue!”

Sonia: -”Você está cansada?”

Malu: -”Está sim!”

Boletim elaborado por
Sonia Rinaldi