3 Losses, 3 Pains… 2nd son: Amarendra – SNEAK PEEK 23 ENGLISH



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#23 – We have shared several reports, known as ITC Express, on moms who have lost two of their children.  It is hard for many to fathom.  Jen, another of our Patreon members, has THREE of her six sons on the Other Side!  In the span of five years (2013, 2015, 2017), Zack, Amarendra and Aja all passed to the Other Side.  This incredibly well-spoken and spiritual mom helps us to know a little about each of her precious sons so we get a glimpse of who they were when they were here.  They seem to still be the thoughtful, humorous guys they were, and they showed their mom that they are together again in Spirit. Because of the unique phenomena and the meaningful images sent, we have devoted a complete e-magazine to each of Jen’s sons.  This report is dedicated to Amarendra (whose beautiful name is perfect for his beautiful face) who, tragically, ended his own life due to mental illness.  Amarendra brought through an incredible new phenomenon of a face created by half of one person and half of another. In addition, he brought through a huge number of Unknown People for our readers to identify and claim.