Pandemic and Personal Messages from The Other Side (English)



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Rinaldi Report #32 relates about Sonia´s new experiments with voices.  She decided to ask the Coordinator of the Tranmission Stations (Mr. Tesla) if it was possible for him to speak on behalf of some loved ones, since supposedly he would be more capable for the task. Surprisingly he spoke messages related to Mr. Inbo (our South Korean friend Jihye´s deceased husband), to Roger (our special friend Amy´s deceased father), to Melissa (Patty´s loved daughter), to Amber (our special friend Lisa´s daughter), and transmitted unexpected messages about the Pandemia, Time, and what maybe the Transition phases that we are going through. His colleague Mr. Murray Millar (Betty Anne´s deceased husband) sent message with several personal names. At the end, curious comments about the supposed & ldquo;Ti me Trap” machine that might be created by Nikola Tesla in 1910.