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This is a detailed report of the events and phenomena that  occured during the AREI´s Symposium (Sept. 2018 in Phoenix, AZ).
One of the most important events was the materialization of the pioneer of Instrumental Transcommunication, Dr. Konstantin Raudive – during a seance with the Australian medium, David Thompson. A full dialogue was recorded between Dr. Raudive and Sonia Rinaldi (who was attending the seance) and is included in the e-mag for the listener.
The 13th e-mag also includes an ET apparition in Rinaldi´s room – which was recorded in video – since witnesses were present.  There is also a description of the meeting with the moms who lost their loved ones and were assisted by Sonia Rinaldi during the year. The live recording with these friends resulted in hundreds of paranormal replies from their children, which can be heard in this e-mag.