Product Description

An amazing mediumship teaching retreat was scheduled for October, 2023, in the sleepy village of Baarlo, in the Netherlands. Our friends, Darren Wynne and world-renowned physical medium Scott Milligan invited Sonia to present at the retreat and asked Lisa to come along to support and present on the grief journey. Sonia did a full group presentation on the history of ITC and her long journey capturing voice and images, followed by several days of workshops that served all the attendees. Select attendees were able to record, live, in the workshops, and some of the amazing results are captured in this brief report. Future events have been planned, and Sonia will present again in New Orleans at Sid Patrick’s “Touching Eternity” conference in early April 2024, followed by Dominic Boag’s “Together with Spirit” experience in Plymouth, Massachusetts in late April. Each event will be a memorable one with new teachings, new friends, and new memories. As the world awakens to the very real practices of various forms of mediumship, the world will gradually become a more peaceful, communal place for all of us to live. Awaken the gifts in you by planning to attend an event in the future!