Product Description

Although we are never meant to compare the depth of a loss, Sonia finds the loss of a child to cancer to often be a unique kind of pain, in the sense that the outcome is often sensed, and in many cases, anticipated. She wanted to record for parents whose children passed from illnesses that may have deteriorated their physical bodies immensely toward the end of their Earthly lives…knowing, for sure, that our loved ones on the Other Side are always healthy, whole and completely disease-free. She works with the only photo sent by the moms of Leila and Jessica in this report. Sonia recounts – for new and old readers alike – how she is currently conducting her research and explains exactly what she believes those on the Other Side do to create and/or alter images. Both young women came through with beautiful images (memories, really) from their lives, and Jessica brought at least 14 numbered “unknowns” just hoping to be identified by their loved ones here. More to follow with the guys in our current experiments!