The Milligan Experiment Version 3 (English)



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I continued testing using the set-up of the Milligan Experiment (as described in e-mags 17 and 18) in which the goal was to use the “plastic-egg” to see our beloved deceased ones in recordings.
Indeed, several loved ones were seen. These included: Kyle (Caroline´s son); Ty (Robin’s son); Margot (Lian’s mom); Waldomiro (Diane’s dad); Kelsey (Olson couple’s daughter); Amber (Lisa’s daughter); Melissa (Patty’s daughter); Garrett (Cherra’s son); Benjamin (Valerie’s son); Michael (Linda’s son); John (Sandra Champlain’s father); Ashley (Brenda’s daughter); Jennifer (Annette’s daughter); Maddie (Sunday’s daughter). Surprising interference was registered during Sheila Lowe´s Zoom meeting, and a special appearance was made by the Nobel Prize-winning scientist, Dennis Gabor! About a dozen unknown children also appeared, and we hope that parents will be able to identify them. This latest report includes the new tests using Color Statics with unexpected results.