Nearly 20 years since the beginning of our spiritual work, namely in the area of Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) experiments, we’ve been gradually defining our paths, goals, and searches...

It has become clear to us that our research must yield reliable evidences for the survival of the Spirit after bodily death. And to yield such evidences our research must be carried out in controlled circumstances so that its results can bear the forces of scientific scrutiny and remain true. We understand that for the ITC phenomenon to be considered valid, it must bear the seal of scientific validation.

However, our mission is twofold. We must have a humane objective. Namely, to provide solace through ITC to those who have lost a loved one, while keeping in mind that those on the Other Side also suffer the pains and longings for those they left behind.

The other is a scientific objective. Namely, to partake in the endeavors of the Superior Spirits who are engaged in bringing to Earth through ITC the proof of survival, and perhaps give Humanity a new direction.

We are aware that our share in this work is quite small, but it has become a life mission nonetheless. To express how we see the possibility of this interdimentional exchange, we will borrow the words Emmanuel spoke through the mediumship of Chico Xavier, since his words convey our feelings about it infinitely better than our own:

Even though you may not recognize at once, this truth, they see and hear you! Whenever possible, they follow your steps, sharing your problems and afflictions! Take pity on the ones who preceded you at the Great Renovation! Those who you saw leaving with dying hands holding yours, giving you their final terrestrial thoughts through eyes glazing your eyes, they are not dead. They entered new dimensions of existence, but keep on going, heart connected to your heart. They note your affection and thank you for remembering them, however, almost always they cling on to your faith, searching in you for the precise strength for the spiritual restoration they need.

Many of them, still not adapted to the different life they now have to face, ask for serenity in your courage and support in your love….Others, many lay immersed in the mist of longing, stopped by the thirst of reunion, before your thoughts of agony's continuous requests. Many others follow you still…. Those who said goodbye, after a long existence, blessing your life. Those whom you loved, showing them the way to superior spheres. Those who you lifted to the light of hope and those others who you helped one day, with the kiss of friendship and beneficence. All of them thank you, throwing they arms at you in order to help you overcome the road that you still have to travel Help the loved beings in the Spirituality, so they can help you! If you remember their presence and affection, fill the emptiness they imposed your soul, embracing the work they may have left behind. Be the voice that comforts the loved beings still on Earth, the strength that executes the service of peace and love they have not finished, light for those who hurt from their absence and sheltered places, or the shelter in favor of those who would like to continue having them in the world!
Have pity on the loved ones that came before you at the Great Liberation. Now, because the pain is source of renewed energies within the heart, but cry working and serving, helping and always loving. And let the loved hearts, now in the Beyond, dry your tears, inspiring you with action and renewal, because, in the future, you will have all of them positively with you in the happiness of the New Awake.

por Francisco Cândido Xavier
em “Caminhos de Volta” – Ed. GEEM


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