7 More Identifications – Sneak Peek 18 English


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#18 – It seems that those Scientists working hard on the Other Side have found a way for Sonia to help many more than simply one mom or dad at a time.  In response to her request, They started sending dozens of other “unknown” individuals who have passed, knowing that we would use our connections to match the right family member with their beloved on the Other Side.  In this update, seven of these individuals were identified and claimed as someone’s loved one.  Some of them are people we have seen before, and others are recognized in transimage for the first time.  There is even a very clear image of Father Landell de Moura who we know helps tremendously on Their Side.  We hope the reader will take comfort in these recognitions knowing that they, too, may stare into the eyes of their loved one on the Other Side from one of these pages someday soon.