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Product Description

Six months after the seance in which a new device for recording was suggested by the guide of the respected medium, Scott Milligan, it was finally ready. During this period, I watched 43 videos recorded in Orlando in the workshops and published the thousand transimages registered there in 6 Rinaldi Reports. It was a lot of work, but necessary – since lots of important cases happened, including the identification of many “unknown” deceased ones, some of whom we identify in the report.  This is always a happy experience for us, as it often provides a breath of hope to many moms around the world.  We also share a lovely holiday gift with our friends, Lisa and Patty, who got to hear from their daughters, Amber and Melissa, in voice recordings with both Tesla and Raudive.  Finally, in this Report, I describe the step-by-step process of the evolution of the new proposed device from its conception until it arrived  complete in my Lab at the beginning of January. Now we are ready to start a new phase in our research!