IN CONTACT 28 New technique that brought more than 600 loved ones!( all for the Documentary) (ENGLISH)



Product Description

The story #28 deals with the recordings with the second lady nominated by the video producer, Robert. Not only will scenes of Sonia be included in the recording lab with Chrysta (from Oklahoma) but Robert will interview her in person when she returns to the Us.
This session with Christa (Oklahoma) seems to be a direct response to Sonia’s concern that the laborious work of experimenting requires so much time and effort. The answer given by spiritual friends? Was… “We’ll send hundreds of images then!” That’s exactly what the Other Side did to Christa! Hundreds and hundreds of clear quality images of “unknowns”. Hundreds could be seen in so many paintings, that Sonia had to split this report to ensure that the recipients could see everything. We look forward to seeing which of these transimages of strangers will be identified. Some of them will be our next magazine.