THE BODY PERISHES, LOVE NEVER DIES two versions ( English)


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The number of transimages recorded during July, 2019 was so big that Sonia Rinaldi decided to split them into 2 e-magazines to avoid sharing such a huge file.  Part 2 shows, more specifically, the many apparitions of loved ones in spirit, as well as the related videos of these experiments. As Sonia tested with color-statics added of vapor, the results were surprising to say the least. Many loved ones of attendees appeared in the recordings such as Amber (Lisa´s daughter), Melissa (Patty´s daughter), Roger (Amy´s dad), Alessandro (Diana´s fiancée) and so many others such as Dmitri, Brittany, Michael, Olivia, Dean, Waldomiro, Concetta, Beatriz, etc. And of course, many unidentified deceased ones appeared in transimages too – and were included in these Reports – just waiting for their loved ones to recognize and claim!