Transimagens FROM WORK Group 4 (English)


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In the second part of this #23rd e-mag, the remaining members of Group 3 from the “We Don’t Die – Discovery” workshop in Orlando are featured along with the incredible transimages and transfigurations that are sure to amaze the reader.  As the testing continued, the results became progressively more and more elaborate.  Bill (Louisiana), Tina and Richard (Florida), Rebecca (Hong Kong), Nick (U.K.), Fred (Texas) and Lynette (California) present us with some of the most detailed results to date.  We also learn a bit about the mythology of Ants which have begun appearing in images and have been evidenced in crop circles as well as ancient geoglyphs.  The report begins with some exciting and surprising identifications of previous Unknowns after some parents from a group called Healing Warrior Parents were able to identify their children in Spirit!