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In the Rinaldi Report #24, Sonia shows the
results registered by the 4th and final group
from the workshops held last August in
Orlando in which all attendees were given
the opportunity to experience experimenting
with ITC themselves. Many important
communications from the Other Side
occurred on this 4th day – including
apparitions of many loved ones in Spirit.
Incredible results were registered, also, with
the Other Side shaping the vapor which
taught us a lot about the transimages

received. A new artist created beautiful
modern designs over the cloth that the
medium Phil Dykes was holding – and the
traces reminded us of Melissa´s art. Melissa
is our friend, Patricia’s daughter, and she was
an artist on this side and may well be
continuing her modern art on the Other Side.
To close this incredible volume of work, we
had one of the most beautiful apparitions in
Amber…Lisa´s daughter on the Other Side.
Amber appeared in an image that her
parents have never seen, looking serious and
almost like royalty. The results from our first
public experiments teaching others how to
perform experiments were completely
successful, and now it is time to move on
now to new challenges.