Page 2 - Children Aged 0-14 GIRLS and a New Phenomenon
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To those who are sure that Life goes on… and that we still have a long road ahead

              for our evolution… having the opportunity to help  moms is a great privilege.

              Will this research fix those hearts, devasted by the physical loss of a child?  Of
              course not – but it can be a relief, like a breeze over a wound.
              For me, it is good enough.

              But all of these moms are doing much more than they imagine.  While I have the

              opportunity to provide them some relief, we are slowly walking together toward
              the proof of survival after death.
              But this is a huge plan from the Other Side. They have been working on this for

              over 120 years – so, they don’t seem to be in a hurry!
              There will be a right moment to bring this forth as universal truth.

              If we consider that, today, many of the great religions still deny that our
              Consciousness is immortal and follows in constant evolution, we can imagine that
              any emphatic proof might cause more damage than good.

              So… the Other Side knows when it is the right Time.
              In the meantime,  it is a privilege to bring tears of happiness and hope.
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