Page 2 - Children Aged 0-14 years - The BOYS' Turn
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For several decades, I have been working closely with those Spirit Friends who
                 share technical transmissions to Earth.

                 And it seems that the recordings never stop surprising me.  In spite of the fact that
                 I am not a product of the Hard-Sciences, after such a long time, gaining much
                 knowledge along the way, I started perceiving many details in their work. For

                 instance,  their capacity to innovate is absolutely inexplicable.  This makes me think
                 of what will be happening in 1 year… or 5? Or 10? Our loved ones in holography?  I

                 expect even more than that!
                 Also, I believe there has to be a reason for all these new accelerated processes that

                 we are observing in each Report.
                 And, currently, we have no idea what it is.
                 But, considering those High Entities, does it matter whether we understand or not?

                 And why do I say they are “High Entities”?
                 We know that any Consciousness (like me and you) takes time to progress and

                 advance. So, in my point of view, maybe the better adjective for them would be
                 that they are “Older” than us…much older. They had to have enough time to

                 increase their knowledge … to discover a cosmic science… and be good enough to
                 dedicate and teach back to our present civilization. Teaching and consoling.
                 These Spirit Friends bring fascinating apparitions that will make many moms

                 renew their hope in the afterlife.
                 Are there enough words to thank them for this?
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