Page 5 - Children Aged 0-14 years - The BOYS' Turn
P. 5

Benny is Marie Garcia´s son, who passed at the
                          age of 11, just 5 days before reaching his 12         th

                          The little boy was hit by a vehicle in 2018.

                          His mom had a nice surprise last year when she
                          identified her son in the section of the

                          “Unknowns” in one of our Reports.
                          Curiously, he appeared wearing glasses, maybe
                          to be sure that his mom wouldn´t have any

                          doubt that it was him.
                                                      When Marie Garcia saw
                                                 the transimage (left), she
                                                 promptly wrote to us.

                                                 And here is her beloved son,
                                                 appearing healthy and

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