Page 2 - Surprises for Mom - Case: Brittany Stephanie
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Recently, I said in one of my e-magazines that the Spirit Friends

               seem relentless in their quest to surprise us. Sometimes, it is

               because of their amazing technology; sometimes it is due to their
               incredible art skills; and sometimes they just bring new surprises.

               Here, once again, we were surprised with an unexpected outcome.
               Surely, we’ve been aware that Consciousness (Spirit) goes on living

               and developing, growing up in recordings when the deceased is a
               child and getting younger when he/she is an elderly loved one.

               Still, even though we know this in “theory”, it’s never happened in my
               case recordings where a loved one who passed as a baby appeared as

               a beautiful, young girl!  The mother didn´t even expect this!
               And yet, this happened to Susan, who became as astonished as I


               In these moments, I think of the blessing that it is to have such
               opportunities to learn.  Even more than that - to learn and pass

               along such knowledge that, if it was not for the goodness and
               dedication of those high Spirits from the Transmission Station, we

               would never know. Again, so much to think about... and so much to
               be thankful for.
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