Page 3 - Surprises for Mom - Case: Brittany Stephanie
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Brittany was a blessing to our family after a tragic second trimester loss of

         Stephanie.  She was a joyful child and so full of life.  She was such a fun child who

         would make everyone laugh.  She spent most of her childhood being around her
         cousins and aunts. At a very young age she had an opinion about everything. She

         never held anything back.  She did not talk about anyone behind their back
         because she would just tell you to your face.

         We went on many vacations inside and outside of the USA.  It was just the two of

         us, and we always made plans to go out to eat to just talk.  She never hesitated to
         tell me anything because she knew I would be understanding, even if I did not

         agree.  She always stood up for a person who was being bullied or not being
         treated right. I found out after she passed that she was one of the most popular

         girls in school.  I was shocked because she never said anything to me, and she

         truly did not care that she was.  She knew that being popular does not make you
         a special person. Most teens make it their goal to be popular, but not her.
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