Page 4 - Surprises for Mom - Case: Brittany Stephanie
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She always stood up for the underdog.  She intervened in her school at one time
                                                                       and stopped the bullies from making fun of another student. She was all for

                                                                       equal rights for everyone and she was a great animal lover.  She hated the way

                                                                       that so many in this world treated one another.  After she passed, I received a
                                                                       message from a girl who said that Brittany was the only person who was ever

                                                                       nice to her.  I was in tears when I read it.  When she graduated high school, she
                                                                       got her two-year degree at the local college and then was accepted into a

                                                                       prestigious university here on Long island. She wanted to be a veterinarian
                                                                       because her love for animals was strong.

                                                                       Brittany passed in a tragic accident in February of 2018.  She had gone out to

                                                                       the eastern part of Long Island on the night of February 17. I was going out to
                                                                       meet a friend that night for dinner.  I remember her bedroom door was closed,

                                                                       and I said goodbye to her behind the closed door.  She said bye back, but I never

                                                                       knew that would be for the last time.  Brittany was suffering from a pilonidal
                                                                       cyst which is extremely painful.  She had been crying that night because of pain

                                                                       and her friend gave her a bottle of methadone to help ease it a bit. Her friend
                                                                       told me that Brittany did not know much about street drugs and was

                                                                       naive.  Brittany took the methadone, and it was enough to kill her.  It was not
                                                                       her intention, but she passed away from an overdose in the middle of the night

                                                                       of February 18, 2018.  It was a nightmare for us and for our entire family.  The
                                                                       pain was excruciating.
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