Page 5 - Surprises for Mom - Case: Brittany Stephanie
P. 5

Brittany reached out to me almost immediately from the other

              side of life.  Her signs were undeniable.  She started sending me
              the strong scent of roses. Her favorite flowers were roses, and she

              would keep them in her room long after they died.

              I smelled those roses wherever I went.  I traveled to Florida to
              visit my sister and the scent would be there. I still smell the scent

              She has left apports and things just laying somewhere you would

              not expect it to be.
              I have had beautiful dream visitations with her, and I have met so

              many wonderful people like Sonia,  Scott Milligan, Darren, Sandra
              Champlain and Scott's spirit team.

              All of them have helped me through this journey to give me a
              better understanding of the afterlife, and Brittany has come along

              with us to help out.

              Her light is still shining, but only brighter.

                                                                                                                                                                   Brittany´s family
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