Page 6 - Surprises for Mom - Case: Brittany Stephanie
P. 6

We are all learning how the Spirit Friends

                                                          work and send the (trans)images of our
                                                          loved ones.
                                                          What we have seen in recent years is that

                                                          the face of those we want to see is not

                                                          “still”, but dynamic.  It is as if our loved
                                                          one on the Other Side remain in front of

                                                          the cameras in the Transmission Station,
                                                          and he/she would fluctuate throughout

                                                          his/her lifetime.
                                                          So, differently than terrestrial photos or

                                                          videos, which are stable, those that come

                                                          from the Spirit World seem to be richer
                                                          and show curious oscillations. Here, we see

                                                          Brittany looking younger and resembling
                                                          the age she was in the photo, at left.
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