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In this magazine # 119, we have grouped three brief, but no less curious, occurrences. One of the cases was the appearance (again) of the medium Luis Gasparetto. For those who knew him, it is worth reviewing the videos included in the magazine, and for those who did not know him, be surprised to see him painting in a trance, sometimes with his feet and hands at the same time. This fabulous medium appeared by surprise, in a very clear transimage received by Sonia Rinaldi. In addition to this appearance, another very curious one was that of a Brazilian young man, identified by one of our readers, Cristina Moraes, who was surprised to recognize a deceased friend in one of Sonia Rinaldi’s online presentations. And finally, the voice recordings of the English boy, Wesley. The boy has already surprised his parents, making remarkable journeys into both his past and his future – appearing as a handsome young man rather than a boy.